Our 2019 line up

As well as education you can expect fire side hang outs, beach trips, countryside jaunts, a BBQ and pool party, our epic dance party and a whole load of new friends.  We'll also have yoga, massage and the chance to do some good through our SNAP Gives Back theme and partnership with I Do. 

We're announcing one speaker each week until Mid October.  Keep checking back as we add new speakers to our stellar line up!   You might also want to check our FAQs or swing by the shop to secure your place!  

dan oday wedding photography workshop

Dan O’ Day

The Session: Big Change, Small Cost – Common Sense and the Subtleties of Separation

Let’s talk about utilising the simplest of tools to create separation in your brand and the product you are selling. It’s called “common sense” . Subtly separating yourself from the pack can only work in your favour. The best thing about common sense and subtle changes for large effect, are that you can make most of these at little to no financial cost. 

Dan will be touching on Brand, alternative language, some shooting techniques, using your manners as well as the power of self care.

The wedding industry is moving forward at an incredible rate. Now is the perfect time to separate yourself from your neighbours… just enough to be seen by those who you want to see you.

The Speaker: “I try to apply curiosity, alternative thought and sensitivity (with a little bit of humour) to everything that I do”

Dan O’Day is an Australian based Photographer, specializing in wedding and Fine Art photography. Influenced by his former life as a contemporary artist, Dan’s wedding images reflect the commitment to his art practice, refining techniques and constantly developing & refining his practice. 

Dan is an AIPP Master Photographer with 3 gold bars and is the current AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year.  Dan has also been published as “one of the top 10 contemporary wedding photographers in the world” by Bill Hurter  (Author, Former Editor in Chief at Rangefinder and After Capture Magazines).

Since going full time with his wedding business in 2009, Dan has managed to run a highly successful wedding business – Dan is a highly sought after keynote speaker being regularly commissioned for weddings, speaking engagements and judging commitments all over the world.

He has been a finalist and been nominated as one of the Top 5 Highly Commended in one of the worlds’ most prestigious art prizes, The Doug Moran Prize. In 2012 Dan won the Momento Pro, Head On Australian Documentary Book of the Year for his story of Ginger and Pearl "Two Lives, One Love: A Retrospective.”

Dan’s Fine Art photography has been exhibited extensively Australia-wide and also held in collections in London, Paris, and Germany. 

Dan’s wedding work has been published in VOGUE, HarpersBazaar, Frankie Magazine, Rangefinder, CAPTURE MAG and Better Photography to name a few.

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Rafal Bojar

The Session:  Every Frame a Painting

With a focus on cinematic story telling, Rafal will discuss using light and mood to create cinematic images and films.  We'll examine use of available light (both soft and hard), getting the best out of your subjects, capturing authentic emotion, driving narrative and improving your storytelling skills.  

The Speaker:  Once upon a time, a famous traveler called love the greatest adventure. In my many years, I stopped by in countless foreign countries across Europe, the Middle East and North America. I visited many places. Wherever I went, I met incredible people, and the stunning observation was that, despite our evident differences, we all share one specific trait. Everyone – regardless of their origin – falls in love.

My name’s Rafał, and I’m passionate about visual storytelling. My style is very emotional, creative and non traditional. Pure feelings, honest emotions. True love stories. I strive to be the photographer that can capture those moments. I’ve chosen to travel around the world for my couples. There is an exceptional story inside every relationship and the wedding is a moment of its celebration.


street photography workshop
Polly Rusyn street photography teacher

Polly Rusyn

The Sessions: Stop Looking, Start Seeing - The Science of Street Photography

This session covers an introduction to the theory and practice of street photography, before digging deep into composition, "working a scene" and “owning” your frame, as well applying more advanced principles of visual unity to create interesting images that go beyond quick snaps of people in typical city street scenes.

Polly will provide a theoretical framework via a keynote session, before leading a street shooting trip to a quintessential British seaside town, where you'll be set two mini briefs to work to, with feedback, critique and peer review.

The Speaker: Polly Rusyn is an award winning photographer and street photography teacher whose work has been exhibited by London Photography Festival, Street Sans Frontieres (Paris) and has won competitions with National Geographic Traveller and Street Hunters.

She's part of the judging team, as well as being a speaker at the London Street Photography Festival and she runs Street Club, London's best street photography Meetup group, with meet ups and workshops in London, around the UK and all over Europe.

Polly loves eating cheese and if she could figure out how to incorporate that into her life of “being paid for doing what she loves” - she would!



Igor Demba

The Session: Create Anywhere

Inspiration is everywhere, and as photographers it is our responsibility to foster our gifts and chase creativity.  With a focus on shooting in less than desirable locations, this session will demonstrate how to create intimate, on brand work in any setting.  We'll look at backdrops, using light, directing your couples in a natural manner and creating an environment where you're using your creativity to its full potential.  This will be followed by a session that covers creating an editing style that compliments your work and reflects your brand.  

The Speaker: Igor Demba has been in business for six years and truly believes he has the best job in the world. He was born in Portugal and after living and traveling all over the world, he's picked up bits and pieces of each culture and that inspires him to keep pushing his work creatively. At the end 2016 Igor was named one of ‘30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’ by Rangefinder Magazine which really excited his mum. He's currently based in Cambridgeshire, married to the wonderful Zion and they are currently expecting a baby girl.

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Elle Narbrook

 The Session: Yoga, meditation and a mindfulness photo walk

Yoga - Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, with different expectations, goals, and abilities. Elle aims to provide a safe space for students to feel empowered within their own body. Classes are suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to long-time practitioners.

Meditation - these meditation classes will consist of a mixture of gentle stretches, breathing practices, and guided meditation that will help to expand the breath, awakening creativity, reduce anxiety and stress and help you to relax 

Mindfulness photowalk: using photography to anchor yourself to your environment, you’ll use your camera and a series of gentle prompts to mindfully explore. This will be an exercise in letting go of your own preconceived ideas about what your photographs should be.

The speaker: 

I’m Elle (pronounced L-E) and I’m a yoga teacher and photographer. When I started photographing professionally, I noticed the aches and pains that accompanied the job. I started using my knowledge of yoga to help myself physically and mentally. Now, I’m primarily teaching yoga while photography is my other passion.

Outside of yoga and photography, I’m your standard anxious and socially awkward human being. I like to hike (slowly), sing (terribly to songs I don’t even know all the lyrics to), dance (ridiculously) and have movie marathons eating everything out of the cupboard (aka garbage nights).

Catalina Jean photography

Catalina Jean

The Session:  The dreaded SEO monster.

Everyone talks about it. Everyone knows they need it for their business. And just about everyone is completely confused by it. What does Google want? How does it decide what pages rank? How on earth can I get Google to notice my business? SEO education is usually very tech-heavy, almost as though it is in a different language altogether. That will not be this class. I will share my journey on getting to Page 1 for multiple keywords, using SEO tactics to break into new markets, and lots of other gorilla-type marketing tactics that other photographers aren’t using, without all the confusing jargon or hard to understand techy-ness. This is SEO - decoded and translated so that you can understand and easily apply the tactics to your business.

The Speaker:  Catalina Jean launched her wedding photography business 5 years ago in Portland, OR. She had just moved to this new city, didn’t know a soul and is far too introverted, so she became obsessed with figuring out how to market a new business in a new area, while sitting in her apartment in her PJs.

This led her into the depths of SEO and figuring out how to swoon Google. These efforts paid off and now she consistent books her target of 40+ weddings a year, runs a six figure business and receives no less than 50-100+ inquiries each month with 70% of those inquiries coming from specific SEO efforts. That experience has given her the passion to educate other creatives on how to build a successful business through SEO and other marketing efforts.

Catalina loves anything sci-fi, has little sense of direction, and spends her free time snuggling her crazy Boston Terriers.

fuji film wedding photography conference

Patrick La Roque

The Session: The United States of Photography

Our one shared reality is change, always. But the path to change can take many forms, pushing us towards previously unforeseen roads. With The United States of Photography, Canadian photographer and writer Patrick La Roque takes a step back. Through stories, anecdotes and images, he shares what lead him to approach the world the way he does and reflects on the deeper meaning of photography—as a job, a craft, an art form.

Ultimately, as a window into who we are.

The Speaker:  Patrick La Roque is a professional photographer, writer and speaker from Montreal, Canada. He is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer and founder of KAGE Collective, an international group specialising in visual storytelling and documentary work.

Patrick will travel anywhere for an assignment—he's got lost in Venice, lived in a seminary in Spokane, and stumbled through the streets of Tokyo under pouring rain. He also has a very strong passion for visual stories and narratives.


Through The Woods We Ran aka Glenn and Lauren

The Session: Get out of Struggle Town

If you find yourself in struggletown with introverted couples who think standing and facing each other a foot apart is photography gold… then this live-shoot-demo-thing™ could be up your alley. If you’re more likely to make fun of stuff than you are to ask ‘What kind of cheese would your partner be if they were a cheese?’ then this might again be the live-shoot-demo-thing™ for you. Or if you’ve ever thought, 'I wish I could shoot so close to a couple that it feels borderline threesomey', also, yes - this could be for you.

We’ll give a bit of a rundown on how we educate couples beforehand, go through our spiel-y stuff, then you can watch us be kinda awkward around what we can only assume will be an (at least) equally awkward couple. you’ll leave with solid tips and strategies to feel super comfortable with couples who always say “We hate having our photo taken.

The Speakers: We're Glenn & Lauren. We love animals. We hate photos on staircases. We love photos of drunk people dancing. We hate Ed Sheeran. We take wedding photos. Glenn is semi-obsessed with old-school street photographers like Elliott Erwitt, but whenever he tries to do street photography he ends up taking photos of cats sitting on bins. Lauren always carries almonds in her bag just in case she meets a friendly squirrel.

01. Headshot - Aleks-&-Irena-Kus.jpg

Aleks and Irina Kus

The Session: Danger of a Single Story

A wedding day is never just a photoshoot. It’s way more than that! As our favorite authors, Chimamanda Nagozi Adichie said “The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”

This session will explore the exploration of each wedding day to create images that represent multi-faceted narratives and unique feelings that become a legacy for generations to come. We’ll look at how using your camera creatively allows you to document with an extreme passion for composing every single frame and a focus on expanding your style with every single wedding you shoot.

The Speakers: We’re Aleks and Irina and our story is unique. Because of that we firmly believe that there is never a single story in play! Our hearts met more than 30 years ago when we played together as children in a near by playground. Destiny wanted that our souls meet again and get married some years later. In the days of our miraculous marriage, we became a dynamic and harmonious duet. Mutual understanding, unconditional love and care for our two beautiful daughters – this is what leads us to the magic of life. All this has a significant impact on how we see a wedding today, and how we want to showcase the stories of people in love. Capturing frames with that let you experience and feel how it was, with an awareness that we are not capturing images for today’s generations, but for generations to come.

pragya agarwal

Dr Pragya Agarwal

The Session: Rethinking Creativity

Are some people born creative? Can we develop a creative habit? What happens to our brains when we are being creative? In this entertaining talk, TEDx speaker Dr Pragya Agarwal will discuss whether there are any limits to our creativity.

Are you feeling a little stuck creatively? Can we use the science behind creativity to restore your creative confidence and discover strategies to deal with creative block?

In this talk, we will discuss how creativity is the key to driving innovation, and how we can create happiness.

Pragya will also talk about:

How we develop a creative habit
How we can manage creative blocks
How we can live a more fulfilled and happy creative life
How we can manage anxiety and overwhelm 
How we can create opportunities in our lives for creativity
How we can get over our fears and create magic by stepping out of our comfort zones

Come along with your thinking caps on, and be prepared to re-ignite your creativity with a series of fun hands-on activities.

This stimulating and interactive lecture will draw from neuroscience and psychology research into how we can train our brains to be creative.

The Speaker:  Pragya Agarwal studied Architecture, and Architecture Conservation, worked in the Stained Glass Conservation Studio at York Minster Cathedral, worked as a Senior Academic in the US and the UK, and was on the judging panel for Lancaster Design awards. She started a creative studio Hedge and Hog Prints, where she specalises in linocut printmaking and illustration work, and a social enterprise The Art Tiffin in 2017 that campaigns for creativity and mental health. She writes for Forbes and The Huffington Post, and gives keynote talks at various events about mental health, creative thinking and women's rights in the workplace.

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Honey and the Moon aka Jess and Karolyn

The Session: Working with LGBTQ+ couples.

As out gay women, Jess and Karolyn feel that their community, the LGBTQ+ community, is still being under served by the wedding industry. They want to show how as an industry we can do a better job to serve this beautiful community.

This session will help you to best serve the needs of your LGBTQ+ clients, understand why it makes good business sense to be inclusive of all types of couples, be prepared for the awesome nonconformity of an LGBTQ+ weddings, enhance the language of your website and booking process to be more inclusive. We’ll also run a live shoot with a real same sex couple or genderqueer couple.

The Speakers:

Hi! We are Jess and Karolyn Lowe. We are duo from Belfast Northern Ireland. We are married to each other. Our business is called Honey and the Moon Photography and has been going for around 5 years. We live in a little terrace house with our dog Phoebe. We usually photograph around 40-50 weddings a year, with at least 10% of those being from the LGBTQ community.


Parrot and Pineapple Photography aka Rowan Williams

The Session: Boss your Business

This super useful and informative session will take you through the SOSTAC method of business planning (situation, objectives, strategy, tactic, action and control). We’ll cover:
- The different marketing tools that are used to make an assessment of the current situation (like a PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, etc)
- How to define and set objectives for your business (what is goal vs an objective vs task, SMART objectives)
- How to develop your business strategy - with examples from well known big brands
- What marketing tactics are available to you
- How to ensure that you action your plan
- How to measure success throughout the year

The Speaker: I'm Rowan. I'm a raging leftie, I love dogs and I tolerate going to the gym just so I can eat wedding cake every week. I wasn't always like this. I used to love the corporate world of MAKING LOADSA MONEY for a drugs company, including travelling around the world reviewing business plans like I was on Dragon's Den. I did that because I really like science, my degree is in biomedical science, and I also really love numbers and data. I like to see the relationship between cause and effect. 
Even though I'm now a certified snowflake, I still use lots of the tools and methods that I learned in the grey world of pharmaceutical marketing to make my wedding photography business bright, colourful, diverse and all about delivering joy.


Emma and Rich


Shot by Amy aka Amy Lynch

Photo 06-10-2018, 12 09 27.jpg

One Drum


Camera Hannah


SNAP X sessions

Yeah, we totally stole this idea from Ted. Thanks, Ted! We wanted to mix up our content a bit this year, so we thought a few short, sharp Ted talk style sessions might be fun and we asked runners up from our community who applied for our Aspiring Speaker Programme to deliver them. Each of the following speakers will be delivering 20 minute sessions on a focussed topic. Keep reading for all of the details!

Emma and Rich - Level up your Compositions
Emma and Rich, seaside dwellers, photographers and silly sausages. Together for 16 years and married for 9. We have no formal photography education, everything we know we learned from practice, our peers and YouTube. We've won a few awards, mostly Fearless ones and Emma is currently listed on their best of 2018 list. Based at the seaside in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, we’re fun, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Amy Lynch - Why Inclusion Matters
My name is Amy and I'm living a double life. By day (well, Monday-Thursday) I work for a global technology consultancy, pushing for social justice, where I head up Diversity & Inclusion and the rest of the time, I'm a colour-loving, fun-seeking wedding photographer.

Hannah Walker - Selling Yourself Through The Power Of Speech
I’m Hannah and I LOVE character properties and mid century modern interiors. Bold and fun dresses (particularly ones with pockets), Holey pjs and the fire on. Beach days, paddle boarding, pistachio ice cream. Netflix originals, a brand new liquid eyeliner, daft dog videos, cheese (the fromage variety). Singing really loudly and badly in the car, internet shopping. Last but no means least, cake and spiced rum.



SNAP Choir: SNAP Choir Master
Camera Hannah will lead you in a relaxed, uplifting sing along. Experience the benefits of group singing. Studies show group singing improves mood and reduces stress.

African Drumming: Drumming is the beat of the heart, the pulse of the blood, the rhythm of life. Join
One Drum for a celebration of the spirit as drumming is harnessed for education, entertainment and self discovery.

Botanical Tile casting: design and make a beautiful, tactile plaster tile with
Paula Smart. Using foraged leaves, flowers, tendrils, grasses and tendrils. The tile will be yours to take home as a beautiful memento from SNAP 2019.

Life drawing:
Larissa Joice leads this beginners workshop where you’ll look at light and shade, perspective, mood and negative space. You’ll draw a real life model, using various mediums, using drawing to deepen your understanding of composition.


Casey Avenue aka Hannah Walker


Larissa Joi



Paula Smart