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We have searched far and wide to bring you the biggest and brightest talents to inspire, educate and entertain you.  See the full schedule here.  


Andrew Billington (Snap's Got Talent winner) - A 'Be' and 'See' of Wedding Photography

No one can teach you how to take the photographs that you want to take but being mentally and physically prepared before you shoot can give you the way in. I want to talk about the way that I approach a wedding day. What I do so that the only thing that I'm thinking about when I'm shooting is how to creatively capture what's in front of me (and behind me, always look behind you!). How to be focused, free up the creative part of your brain and work on an instinctive level that means that you are creating the photographs that are your personal visual language. The session is full of practical things to implement in your business and whilst working - and about developing creatively as a photographer in a more instinctive aesthetic way.

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Develop their own visual language in a more confident and effective manner
  • Implement practical things into their business to make wedding days less about organising people and more about photographing them
  • Connect more with the type of clients that they want and who want them

Candice C. Cusic - Moments Moments Moments!

Candice will discuss Photojournalism and how it applies to weddings, her thought process before hitting the shutter, how to step outside your comfort zone and feel comfortable documenting strangers and capturing stronger moments. Wedding photography doesn't have to be posed! Candice will explain how she captures moment-driven portraits on the wedding day.

Candice will also talk about her own mistakes, trip ups, how she's thought poorly about her own work by comparing it to everyone else's and she'll encourage you to stop hating your work. She shoots with her heart, pretty much does everything with her heart, and she'll tell you all about it. 

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Capture stronger photographs
  • Capture stronger moments
  • Think about who they are as artists, what they contribute and how to stand out in their field by following what they love.

Candice will also be leading a live shoot where she'll demonstrate how she shoots moments during portrait sessions 

Catalyst Wedding Magazine - {un}convention

With so many bride-focused publications out there featuring totally unrealistic aspirational photos of 14K-gold-dipped tapers floating magically above succulent-drowned dinner tables (no offence meant to tapers or succulents), it's time to focus back on the point of weddings: to celebrate love.

Catalyst Wedding Co's focus is love and personality over spending and aesthetics. They are building momentum away from the fantasy of The Perfect Wedding (TM) and towards celebrations of authentic love and community. Catalyst Wedding Magazine and their regular workshop, {un}convention, makes space for creative collaboration, support for entrepreneurs, and encourages critical dialogue in the wedding industry. Each issue of Catalyst features badass, lovely couples celebrating their love in their own way. 

1. "Next Level Shit: SEO and Other Tips for Serving a Diverse Audience" // This session will cover SEO best practices and ways to stand out in the industry as an advocate for diversity and equality. It will cover how to write a good "About Me" and how to keep your portfolio intentionally diverse, as well as other more techie/nerdy things that will help people bring their websites to the next level. 

2. Live Shoot with same sex couples // This session will focus on how to work with couples who don't conform to gender norms and make sure they are comfortable. This will include open communication about pronouns, making sure you don't over-gender a person, etc. It will also give participants a way to make sure their portfolio includes a queer couple, which goes really well with session #2!

Cheyenne Gil -Boudoir and Bad Assery

In Cheyenne Gil's Boudoir and Bad Assery class at SNAP, you'll learn the importance of making your client's boudoir experience comfortable, fun, and - most of all - life affirming. Cheyenne will show you how she interacts with clients during their shoot as well as posing, music, and the overall boudoir vibes that make women feel incredible. This will be a great introduction to Boudior and how you can add it to your existing offering.

After the session participants will be able to...

  • Have a a better understanding of running a boudoir session from start to finish.
  • They will learn about interacting with clients, posing women of all shapes and sizes
  •  Maintain a positive and upbeat vibe throughout the session, using body positive and affirming language.

Elisa Bricker - Taking Charge of Your Work

Join Elisa Bricker to find out how she meets the everyday challenges all wedding and portrait photographers face, to create beautiful fine art and editorial images that go to print. 

Elisa will cover shooting film for editorial, wedding, and personal work, creating a natural flow for your work during a session, finding natural poses and movement for your subject and finding the light required to create beautiful, fine art images. 

This session will have both practical working time with Q&A.

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Confidently interact with their subject
  • Find natural poses
  • Introduce organic movement into their work
  • Create work with a fine-art approach

    Elisa will also be leading a live styled shoot where she'll demonstrate how she works with light, how she chooses locations and how she directs a model.  

Franck Boutonnet - The documentary approach in wedding photography: an aesthetic, a storytelling

Franck will talk about setting goals as a photographer and he'll share his personal transformative experience as both a documentary photographer and a wedding photographer. 

Franck's session will explore the history of documentary photography, with references for further exploration, and key concepts in documentary wedding photography. 

After this session participants will...

  • be able to: stay creative in the most unlikely places and the most difficult circumstances
  • dare to put their own personal history into their photography, even the dark sides of it
  • stay free in their creative process

Grace and Jaden -  People that say that Social Media doesn't matter are full of sh*t

With over 80k followers on Instagram Grace and Jaden know a thing or two about using social media to grow your business.  This session will explore how to use social media as a business tool to get clients, make money and do cool stuff. It will include practical advice for growing your social network, making friends, and staying sane in a social media obsessed culture. We'll explore the power of perception, credibility, and how to fake it till you make it. All the real talk, all the dirty little secrets, it's all on the table.

We'll have a live social media critique where we'll get down to the nitty gritty of your own social media management and we'll also cover workflow.  

Hannah Millard - Filmmaking For Photographers

Hannah has been shooting film and stills for her clients since 2013, adding optional video highlights to her wedding photography business. Hannah shoots entirely handheld and switches between films and stills and delivers both to her clients and she can't wait to inspire you to try something new, which could enable you to provide additional services to your clients, using the equipment you already own! 

Hannah will be sharing her tips for preparing to shoot video, shooting handheld, how to switch between and prioritise moments on a wedding day, how to manage your clients expectations, how to use video to market yourself, music choice and licensing, managing workflow and more.

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Diversify their business without extra investment
  • Manage client expectations
  • Use video to market their work
  • Find a balance between video and photos during key moments
  • Shoot handheld with reduced camera shake
  • Properly license music for video
  • Create edits with narrative and energy

Jennifer Moher & Hugh Whitaker - Make it Happen and Making Inspiration less elusive and more part of your workflow.

Jennifer and Hugh are super passionate about the idea that you can achieve pretty much ANYTHING you can imagine - you just have to have the balls to do it.

Jennifer's inspirational session will work through fearless goal setting, achieving success and striving for greatness. It will also touch upon psychological concepts that can be applied to level up your business and your life. 

Hugh's session will suggest processes and systems that will make you aware of ways to remain constantly inspired and constantly satisfied with your work. My aim is to show you how you can find inspiration that is unique to you and that will help you build a style and future body of work that will make you stand out from the crowd.

After this session participants will be able to...

  • set and achieve measurable goals
  • put in place strategies and action plans for personal and business growth
  • understand psychological concepts that will help them to be even more awesome
  • find ways to remain constantly inspired and constantly satisfied with your work
  • know what they should be looking for to inspire themselves
  • create work that is unique to them
  • be inspired by themselves rather then others

Jaye Cole - Creating Time to Create

We will discuss business strategies which will help photographers learn to better manage the business side of their craft. This will include learning to schedule in time off, speeding up workflow, delegating, prioritizing and the importance of a well-run business. 

There will be discussions around the mindset of the "overworked", how to escape the cycle of believing that more hours working equals more success and how to work smarter, not harder. 

Session 1: The art and science of business minimalism. This session will be focused on developing the strength, courage & strategies necessary to minify your business.

Session 2: Decluttering your business. This session will build on session 1 and offer a clear path to help you trim the fat from your business and give you back your life.

These sessions work best when taken together but you can attend one or the other if you prefer. 

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Walk away with a plan to improve at least 1 area of their business
  • They may have ideas about other areas for improvement, but I will consider it successful if they can feel energised about working on at least 1 area to major improvement

Jide Alakija - Creating compelling portraits and moments in the least expected environments and with very little gear

Having photographed over 300 weddings or varying guest sizes from as little as 10 to 5000 guests all over the world, Jide has have come to find that you have to solve problems using a minimal amount of camera equipment, the available light in your environment and whatever you can find in your space. This happens under pressure with very little time to produce the most amazing images you can and this is especially true when you have larger weddings, where there is so much at stake. 

Through this session Jide will demonstrate how he has have learned tricks to produce the best from any given situation, using just two camera bodies, two lenses, a speed light and a video light. 

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Solve problems
  • Removing clutter in your photos
  • Working any scene
  • Creating compositions that will tell the most attention grabbing stories

    Jide will also be leading a live shoot where he'll demonstrate how he works with light, how he chooses locations and how he directs his couples. 

Karl Grupe - From wedding photography to editorial commissions - making the move

There are a few ways of making that non-wedding story editorial debut but knowing which one best suits you can be the difference between banging your head against a wall and seeing your name in print. Just how do you get into that world? It’s tough, but Karl has witnessed some lucky breaks.

Having coached students and clients who have moved into shooting assignments for Pinterest, Vice,Doctors without Borders, The Economist, Getty Images and more Karl will present a workshop which will explore...

  • 3-4 case studies which discuss journey to end result
  • expand on four ways in which you can tap into the editorial market and create windows of opportunity by creating your own luck
  • conduct a practical exercise which will have you mining for work when you return home from

There will also be a q&a session where you can pick Karl's brains and tap into his vast knowledge about all aspects of the photographic world.

Kevin Mullins - 95% business, 5% shooting

Kevin's photography business is just that: a business. He's honed his business to serve him and his needs, he targets and attracts clients that want exactly what he delivers: a 100% photojournalistic approach. 

Session 1 will give practical examples about how Kevin runs his business, how he's streamlined his operations and aligned his business to himself and his needs. He'll cover marketing, branding and the tools and metrics that he uses to ensure he has full control over his business operations. 

Session 2 will cover advanced SEO techniques.  

Participants will be able to...

  • take control of their business and improve their work / life balance
  • understand strategies for branding, marketing and advertising
  • build their own framework to streamline their business 

Laura Babb - The Hustle

Arguably the most important time you can invest in your business is the time you spend actively marketing yourself and promoting yourself through positive PR.   Laura Babb knows a little about this, as she's not only hustling her own wedding business but as SNAPs founder she's hustling to make sure SNAP is a sell out success year on year.  

In The Hustle we'll be collectively brain storming ideas that we can use to market ourselves and our businesses.  Wether you're new to the photography business or an established photographer who's looking to break into new markets or test new marketing activities, The Hustle will draw on the power of collectivism to  come away with a list of marketing and PR activities that you can use to promote your business.  

After this session you will...

  • Have a list of ideas that you can use to promote and market your business
  • Have an understanding of how to re-work and re-cycle old content to bring new clients
  • Have a plan for 5 marketing activities that you will focus on for the next three months

Madeline Jones Demystifying SEO and 1:1 Mini SEO Healthchecks / Website Reviews

SEO Healthchecks: In 30 minute sessions, we'll look at your site and check your SEO status, and I'll give you pointers on how you can optimise your site and be found by your ideal clients. We'll talk keywords, page speed, image tagging and how Google is not the only search engine. I'll have handy little guides for you to take away from the session with actionable points that you can put in place.

Demystifying SEO: How to get your site verified, secure, optimised and submitted. We'll talk about Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, using keywords and other SEO boosting tools like Pinterest. There will also be a Q&A session.

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Know more about how to improve the SEO of their website 
  • Feel reassured about their website and have a mini-action plan

Miss Lolly Lisa Conway Hughes Financial Advice

Lisa aka Miss Lolly - Sort Your Finances Out and 121 mini financial advice sessions

Sort Your Finances Out: By day Miss Lolly is a financial adviser at a wealth management firm in the City of London. She is a Chartered Independent Financial Adviser and also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (PFS). This is the highest qualification a financial adviser can hold and less than 2% of PFS members have reached this. Miss Lolly will be joining us to talk pensions, investments, insurance and mortgages aka all that grown up stuff that a lot of us creatives are terrible at!

121s: Miss Lolly will be offering 121 mini financial advice sessions and the option to book in for a full complimentary 1 hour assessment after SNAP. 

Nova Reid - Diversify or Die

Nova Reid is the founder and editor of Nu Bride; an inspirational wedding blog with ‘a splash of diversity’.  She also runs her own successful coaching business.  

Nova is an inspirational and passionate advocate for diversity in the wedding industry and she's talked on this subject across various forums, including during her winners speech at the wedding blog awards, which absolutely floored the room, where she talked about her own experiences as a bride who felt that she didn't fit in.   

Nova will be joining us to talk about diversity in the wedding industry and how you can appeal to and service diverse client groups.  If your business is not diverse you are 35% more likely to be outperformed by your competitors (Forbes), yet so many businesses have a one dimensional view of what a wedding couple should look like.  Join Nova to talk memes, political correctness gone mad, language and how you can better serve the needs of diverse clients. 

Tazeen Ahmad - Networking for the networking averse

We thought it would be really nice for everyone to get to know each other a little better before SNAP kicks off. We thought we'd make that happen, with added learning and take aways that you can use to meet awesome people once SNAP is over. 

For even the most out-going and sociable person networking can be an inauthentic and toe-curlingly uncomfortable experience. But if you have a quieter, more thoughtful demeanour, it often feels excruciating. 

So what's the best way to network and make new friends or contacts? How can it feel less embarrassing? In a lively but thought-provoking event, Broadcaster Tazeen Ahmad, will show how networking can be about creating genuine connections that last. 

Using a step-by-step approach, Tazeen will help attendees focus on understanding and demystifying networking and examine and practice what it takes to build new relationships effectively. 

This session will start before dinner, carry on after and end with camp fire beers. 

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Break down the art of conversation and network authentically.
  • Make the most of social and public occasions for both personal and professional gain
  • Experience networking as a pleasurable experience with opportunity
  • Understand the difference between shyness, sensitivity, self-consciousness and introversion
  • Learn new strategies that will become second nature
  • Get to know their fellow SNAPsters and make connections